Blast Golf 360

Putting is one of the more elusive parts of the game that is not well understood or taught properly.

"There is definitely a need for a process to improve a person's ability to putt well. Putter fitting, good green reading skills and a good set-up procedure are part of this.

So is working on your stroke mechanics. And this is where the Blast Golf 360 Putting System comes in -- by analyzing and assessing your putting stroke using the Golf 360 technology, we can develop a program for improvement."

-- John Hobbins


Blast Golf 360 analyzes your putting stroke

One of the best features about this sensor and technology is that it is very affordable for my students to purchase and train with. Many of my students purchase this sensor from my website and then train with the prescription that we determine best meets their needs. 

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Through the usage of this systematic approach to gathering data and prescribing the metrics that we train with we can measure the progress of each person in a systematic fashion. Through the usage of the Blast sensor I have determined what I refer to as "Blast facts." They are as follows:

• Stroke Timing independent of Stroke Length. Every putt regardless of length should have the same timing

• Stroke Timing is can be determined for every golfer 

• The distance a ball rolls on the putting green is a result of Stroke Time, Length of Stroke, and the Stroke Speed  

• Backstroke length will influence the amount Face Rotation and the Stroke Speed

• Lie angle and lever length will have an effect on the degree of arc in a putting stroke

• The Length of the Backswing metric can be compared to the Impact Stroke Speed to determine a ratio of Stroke Efficiency


With every putting lesson I give I utilize the technology that Blast Golf 360 has to offer. Blast Golf offers a full platform of technology as well as a back end portal of information for a total putting solution platform. The Blast sensor weighs only a few grams and fits on the grip end of the putter. Through the usage of this sensor and an app which downloads to my iPhone I can capture eleven metrics of your putting stroke. These metrics tell the story of the motion of your putting stroke and allows us to determine how we can further improve your putting performance.

Blast Golf captures these eleven metrics:

Back Stroke Timing (seconds)

Forward Stroke Timing (seconds)

Total Stroke Time (seconds)

Tempo (Ratio of timing metrics)

�€� Back Stroke Length (inches)

�€� Impact stroke Speed (mph)

�€� Back Stroke Rotation (degrees)

�€� Forward Stroke Rotation (degrees)

�€� Rotation Change (degrees)

�€� Lie Angle Change (degrees)

�€� Shaft Loft Change (degrees)