As part of your sessions at Greenside Golf Academy, you can benefit from the same warm up and recovery program used by top college and professional players and unavailable from most instructors and clinics.

Unlike other sports where the rotational muscles are merely stabilizers, in golf, the rotators become the ones that actually create the movement, so they must be strengthened and trained to do so.


Enhance your session and improve your performance with the Rotex Program and the Rotex Pro Machine


The ROTEX program effectively strengthens the muscles that generate power, create speed, and most importantly, stop rotational speed before it damages the joints.  


Used for warm-up, the ROTEX Pro Machine brings the body to a more neutral position that promotes consistent performance, and provides more available range of motion (usable flexibility). When used for recovery, the ROTEX brings the body to a position that reduces inflammation and promotes faster healing.

Since a body free of stiffness and pain is much less likely to be injured, one of the biggest advantages of ROTEX is that it reduces the incidence of lower back, ankle, calf/Achilles, knee, hamstring, groin, oblique, shoulder, elbow, and sports hernia/lower abdominal Injury.

·      Promote rehabilitation
·      Reduce injuries
·      Reduce back and hip pain
·      Reduce neck and shoulder pain
·      Assist warm-up and activation
·      Assist recovery
·      Restore muscle and fasciae balance
·      Improve flexibility and increase range of motion