We Specialize in Putting

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We've come a long way since putting off the left leg and wearing three piece woolen suits on the green.

In fact, thanks to new technology and how it's changing our equipment, our ways of reading the greens and how we improve our performance, the past decade has seen more changes in our understanding of how to get the ball in the hole than in the entire past half-century.

John is a putting specialist who is able to give his clients the most up-to-date knowledge in the field. He's watched long-time golfers shave points off their score thanks to learning the latest in putting strategy and techniques.

John is of the few instructors in the New York City area to be certified in AimPoint Green-Reading, the revolutionary new way of reading greens based on Emmy Award-winning technology used on golf broadcasts. He is also certified in SAM PuttLab analytics, and can give you detailed scientific feedback on your putting stroke and how to improve it.

John believes every player should get the best equipment and instruction available. He has recently partnered with Bobby Grace Putters to give his clients access to custom fitting.

Please explore this Putting section, as well as the AimPoint section to learn more about how John can help any golfer improve their putting.