The teaching and training aids featured here are here for a very simple reason. John has used them in his classes for many years and has seen his students benefit from practicing with these devices both during lessons and on their own time.

Practice with the training aids John uses in his lessons!

The Elevated AimLine will assist you in aligning the putter face in a square manner to the intended target line. Once you stroke the ball, you will receive immediate feedback on your ability to get the ball rolling on the intended line. It is easy to use, easy to transport and easy to incorporate in your putting practice.

The Impact Snap Device provides sensory cues that will help you understand what to do with the club. Within minutes of swinging this device into the correct impact position you will be able to feel the correct movements of the arm, wrists and hands, as they should be in an actual golf swing. 

The AimPoint Slope Board is the perfect training tool to assist you in learning how to correctly identify the proper amount of side slope that you have when using the AimPoint Express green reading method. 

The Putting Line Mirror (PLM) is an excellent tool for both training and understanding the body’s position when in the putting address position.

The AimPoint Express Putting Line Gate (AEPLG) was the first product made for usage with he AimPoint Express Green Reading method.

With the usage of The Mini-Mirror you can see where the eyes are relative to the ball so that you have a consistent set-up routine and proper eye placement.

Slope Discs are used to practice your green reading. Each disc is set on the green at the appropriate percentage of slope so that you are able to feel the tilt of the green.

Phantom Holes can be used in the place of cups on a green for putting and short game play.

The Putting Tool is easily affixed to both RH and LH putters to assist the player in aiming the face of the putter at the intended line.

The Training Club is equipped with a David Leadbetter training grip to insure that the hands are placed on the club correctly each and every time.

Blast Motion Swing Analyzer  Trusted by over 50 top players on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tours, Blast Golf Replay is helping the best players in the world improve their performance and lower their scores.

The PLG Green  is a training tool designed to improve the launch trajectory of the ball and to eliminate non-voluntary compensations. 

The AimPoint Express Calibration Strip has been designed for players to understand the exact amount of break for all putts within 10 feet of the hole.

Ball Gates  are designed to assist you in tracking the line of the putt.

The Visual Aligner is the first multi-purpose tool designed for training the visualization of the targeted AimPoint.

Special access to quality golf apparel including shirts, pants and outerwear.

The Tee Claw concept was borne from a desire to play better golf from synthetic surfaces, It allows for the usage of various size tees depending on the club you are using.

The Directed Force Mallet has been engineered and manufactured to eliminate torque and unwanted face rotation in the putting stroke.

The Impact Ball is one of my favorite teaching/training aids. It has proven to be one of the most significant tools that I utilize..

The Directed Force Blade has been engineered and manufactured to eliminate torque and unwanted face rotation in the putting stroke.