Instruction and Coaching

AimPoint Clinics

This green-reading technique helps you predict the break on any putt due to the slope of the green, the angle of your ball to the hole, and the distance it has to travel. Our clinics help you identify these three factors.

Your calendar is marked for a 1pm golf lesson with John at 115 Broadway, NYC, but once you step inside his urban golf academy, the location of that day’s session could be as far away from the canyons of lower Manhattan as the birthplace of golf in Scotland. John will teach you as you play the most famous holes on some of the world’s most renowned courses, each so faithfully reproduced in 3-D you’ll swear that you’re standing on the actual golf course. The Old Course at St. Andrews; Bay Hill, home of the Bay Hill Classic; The BethPage Black Course, host to U.S. Open Championships and scheduled host for a PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup; Pinehurst; Pebble Beach and many more are all available for your educational tour!.

The HD Golf Simulatortransforms this remarkable indoor space into  out-of-this world courses you’ve dreamed of playing.


The real experience with unreal feedback

Juan is working on a better backswing position.

Vashawn is learning how to use his wrists correctly.

Caroline is focusing on attaching her hands to the club.

John uses all this information to help him determine what the interaction of the ball and club were to produce the shot and, remarkably, to simplify the exact changes you need to make.

Post-Game Analysis

To make sure the lesson doesn’t leave you when you leave the academy, John can even produce a personalized video, complete with voiceover and graphics, that both analyses your swing and compares it to a model golf swing. Sent as your choice of an email attachment or a private YouTube link, this home study aid is a great way to review the key takeaways from each session.

Fun for All

One thing you’ll learn very quickly is that you won’t want to keep the experience of the HD Golf Simulator to yourself! That’s why John invites you to invite a small group of friends to play one of the great courses with you or to challenge them in a Closest to the Flag or Long Drive contest.

Here's the inside scoop on key opportunities to learn from John:

Individual Instruction and Coaching Sessions at Greenside Golf Academy

Whether you’re interested in the fundamentals or are a serious golfer looking to lower your score and handicap, you’ll be amazed at where John can take your game from within his urban golf academy.

The tools at his disposal there, from the HD Golf Simulator to the SAM PuttLab, make this the ideal year-round environment to learn everything from grip and stance to swing mechanics to a training strategy to improve your putting.

Want to focus on the short game? Take it inside! Intrigued by course management? Take it inside!

The inside track to improving your overall performance is inside Greenside Golf Academy at Trinity Centre.

Our facility at Trinity Centre is simply first class.

Other courses of instruction

In addition to teaching at the Academy, John offers individual lessons, group lessons, practice sessions and specialized clinics at area golf courses and other select destinations. Below are just a few highlights of the available options.

Corporate Outings

Single or multiple day instruction/ playing outings are available throughout the year at destinations throughout the United States and the Caribbean. The student-teacher ratio is typically 4-1 to ensure personalized attention.

Group Lessons

Put together your own group for an education in good times! Available at facilities in the Tri-State area, or contact John about having him pay a visit to your home course. 

I'm taking my own advice to concentrate on better posture at address.

Improve your performance with

As real as the playing experience is, the feedback you’ll receive has reality beat by a country club mile! The HD Golf Simulator’s advanced tracking technology and array of cameras enable John to videotape your golf swing from multiple angles while capturing carry distance, curvature and roll..

Greenside Golf Academy at Trinity Centre is the modern golfers’ enclave in one of New York City’s most historically significant skyscrapers. John Hobbins has created comprehensive golf lesson programs for players of all ability levels.

Using the revolutionary HD Golf™ Simulator, John is able to leverage state-of-the-art technology to maximum advantage for instruction and coaching in the full swing and putting, as well as chipping, pitch shots and course strategy sessions.

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