Impact Ball

The Impact Ball is one of my favorite teaching/training aids. It has proven to be one of the most significant tools that I utilize. It can be used for a variety of purposes in training various facets of the golf swing. This device will help you to do the following:

• Maintain arm width in the backswing so that you are able to engage your core 
• Keeps both arms close together so that you find a proper position at the top of the backswing
• Creates rotation in both your lower and upper body in the correct sequence  
• Promotes an impact position where the hands and arms are in sync with the body rotations
• May be used with putting, finesses wedges, distance wedges, bunker play and full swing  
• Daily usage promotes training the proper neuro-muscular patterns desirable for a solid impact

My primary reason for utilizing the Impact Ball is to simplify the process of the swing motion. Through the usage of this ball you will develop a sensory awareness of the physical motions necessary to swing a golf club with both power and accuracy. We train the arms and hands to coordinate their motion with the body rotations. When working with students I utilize the Impact Ball with swing motions with a club but not a golf ball for 15 swings and then do 5 with a golf ball and a strike.

The Impact Ball gives you an external focus (maintaining the ball position between the arms) so that you do not have to focus on internal swing cues. You learn how to make a functional swing motion without thinking as much. This is what we want to do on the golf course.

The Impact Ball is available in three sizes: Large, Medium and Small. Initially I utilize the Large ball for men, the medium ball for ladies and the small ball for juniors. When sufficient training has occurred I will use the Medium Ball for Men and the Small Ball for ladies. This challenges the player to a higher level of skill adaptation.