The Elevated AimLine Putting Aid helps you with your aim, direction, and distance control with putts of any length -- with regular practice, you'll reduce your number of putts per round. The elastic cord attached to two 14" needles stretches more than 40 feet and gives you a structured practice routine, teaching a consistent set-up and stroke so you’ll improve your ability to read putts correctly.

The Elevated AimLine Putting Aid is used by some of the best putters in the game today.



The Elevated AimLine Putting Aid


Used by Golf Professionals

Easy to transport and use: Unroll the elastic on the Elevated AimLine to the length of your practice putt. Insert each 14” needle into the green at either end. As you strike the ball, try to have it follow the line of the elastic.

Helps build distance control: Move the outer beads to an equal distance from the center bead. Place your ball under the middle bead, and use the outer beads as markers to keep your back- and forward-strokes at even lengths.

The Elevated AimLine will help:

• Reduce your number of putts per round

• Create a structured routine for your putting stroke

• Train a correct set up for your putting stroke

• Assist you with the correct eyeline at set-up

• Regulate the length of stroke for distance control

PGA Tour Player Luke Donald using an elevated putting aid